Ralph Macchio Donald Trump
Hey Donald, have you ever wondered about the legal resident alien definition? Well, Ralph, I’m more interested in Mississippi department of labor laws. I have some business interests there.
Speaking of laws, have you looked into Virginia coyote hunting laws? I hear they can be quite strict. Virginia? No, I haven’t. But I’m more concerned about business in the Philippines during the pandemic. It’s a big market for me.
Have you thought about getting into entry level legal consulting jobs? You seem to have a lot of experience with legal issues. Thanks, Ralph. But I’m more interested in beauty room rental contract template in the UK. I have some real estate investments there.
And have you tried taking some law quizzes online to brush up on your legal knowledge? No, Ralph, I haven’t. But I should look into it. I’ve been so busy with my businesses lately.
Speaking of businesses, do you know how much tax is returned in Canada? I’m thinking of expanding my investments there. That’s interesting, Ralph. But I’m more focused on notary requirements. I have some legal documents that need notarizing.
Well, it’s been great catching up, Donald. Let’s stay in touch and keep each other updated on legal issues. Agreed, Ralph. We should have regular legal discussions like this. It’s good to stay informed.
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