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Boilerplate contracts, what they really meanin’?

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Famous criminal law cases in the UK, they’re a sight to see,

Landmark legal scenarios, explained for you and me,

Example of a business plan’s SWOT analysis, gettin’ it done,

Key strategies for success, it’s how you won,

SC life vest laws, regulations and requirements, check it out,

Understanding SC life vest laws, that’s what it’s all about,

Gallery representation contract, understanding the terms,

It’s how you navigate the legal germs,

ESPN waiver rules, they ain’t no joke,

A legal guide, ESPN waiver rules, that’s how you cloak,

DuPage County courthouse, marriage license, you know what to do,

How to apply, that’s the clue,

DPC rules in Rajasthan, in Hindi, for the folks to read,

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Health card medical exemption request form, how to apply,

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So there you have it, the legal rap,

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