Yo, listen up, I got some rules to share
Clean rules to keep you aware
Legal ramifications of slander are real
Understanding defamation laws, it’s a big deal
What does the company Sedgwick do, you ask?
Check it out, put yourself to the task
New York State EMT CME requirements, don’t slack
Stay compliant with training standards, that’s a fact

Reg D private placement rules, oh my
A complete guide, so you can comply
Need a contract of mandate example? Look no more
Understanding legal mandates, it’s what you’re looking for
Best law schools in Japan, where to go?
Top legal education institutions, now you know

Enterprise level agreement, key components to know
Best practices to make your business grow
Looking for African court jobs? Got you covered
Legal career opportunities in Africa, now go, take that leap forward
Legal age to get a tattoo in Japan, here’s the deal
Everything you need to know, so you can keep it real

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