Interfaith Latin interactions are a growing happening. Although they may well sometimes encounter stress, interfaith couples can find methods to be supportive of every other’s religious/spiritual worldviews and traditions through respectful, ongoing dialogue.

Our effects reaffirm that spiritual techniques are necessary for lots of Latinas/os, who connect to The eternally the same through their relationships with family and friends, mother nature, and community, and believe that the sense of God’s existence empowers them to overcome personal and familial hardships and work for public transformation. Additionally , our research confirms that Latino ethnical values including personalismo and rico produce situations for spiritual experiences, which include those with Christ, the Virgin Mary, and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We check the hypothesis that faith based bonding predicts more negative interfaith attitudes at both the specific and nation level, and this this relationship is more powerful in Muslim countries as compared to Catholic-majority Latin American countries. We use an individual-level way of measuring religiosity for the reason that the depending on variable, a country-level measure of religious developing as the independent changing, and a dummy changing that specifies whether a nation is Muslim or Catholic as its control.

Moreover, we test whether or not the relationship among religious bonding and negativity toward other religions holds up whenever we consider simply religiously observant people. We discover the same design of detrimental interfaith attitudes as we have in our previous study. Nevertheless , this examination is limited by the fact that all of us only thought to be religiously observant persons, which is a subset within the overall number. In addition , it will be possible that the romance between spiritual bonding and negativity towards various other religions is more pronounced among the list of very faith based, which we did not always check in our prior studies.

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